Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu


Freshly Made Scot’s ‘Porage’ made with a blend of milk and water , served with a

pot of fresh cream & honey                                                                                              


Natural Yoghurt served with a small dish of  Homemade Highland Fruit Compote   


Oven Warmed Croissant, Chocolate Muffin or Blueberry Muffin                                   


Chefs Homemade Butter & Fruit ‘Shortbread                                                             

3 Little Treats

A Trio of Home Baked Scones, Scottish Butter, Chantilly Cream,

Chefs Own Homemade Rhubarb & Ginger Jam                                                             


Smoked Mallaig Haddock Poached with Milk & Butter,Poached Egg & Fresh Parsley                                                                                            


Smoked Lochaber Salmon, Scrambled Eggs & Chives                                                        


Homemade Sweet Belgian Waffle with Fruit Compote, Natural Yoghurt & Honey    


Homemade Sweet Belgian Waffle with Bacon, Egg & Maple Syrup                              


A Selection of Cold Hams & Cheese                                                                                  


           Cooked Scottish Breakfast                                                                               

Back Bacon, Lochaber Pork Sausage, Stornaway Black Pudding,Grilled Tomato, Homemade Potato Scone, Sautee Mushrooms,Eggs – Poached, Fried or Scrambled


Cooked Vegetarian Breakfast 

Fried Bread, Homemade Potato Scone, Sautee Mushroom, Grilled Tomato,Baked Beans, Eggs – Poached, Fried or Scrambled



         Filled Rolls:  

   Lochaber Sausage

   Back Bacon

   Stornaway Black Pudding

   Homemade Potato Scone

   Fried Egg, Scrambled or Poached



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